Pre-conference – 22 NOV

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Welcome and opening remarks

Ms. Laura Lorenzo, Director, WRF

Mr. Willem Olthof, Deputy Head of Unit for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Fisheries, European Commission - DG INTPA

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Presentation: Policy dialogue and new alliances to strengthen the participation of family farming in food systems

Mr. Alvaro Ramos, Former Minister of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

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Part 1: Development of UNDFF National Action Plans - Exchange of experiences

Philippines: Philippine Action Plan for Family Farming
Presentation: Ms. Antonieta J. Arceo, OIC - Assistant Director of the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute, DA-ATI

Costa Rica: National Action Plan for Family Farming of Costa Rica 2020-2030
Presentation: Ms. Karen Rodriguez, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, member of the NCFF - Red Costarricense de Agricultura Familiar

Togo: Process for the joint construction of a National Action Plan
Presentation: Mr. Arthur Zogan, Executive secretary, CTOP, member of the NCFF of Togo

Portugal: UNDFF process in Portugal
Presentation: Ms. Sara Rocha, Actuar and Ms. Fernanda Castiço, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal


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Part 2: Presentation of the conclusions of the NCFFs regional meetings and plenary discussion

Conclusions of the NCFF exchange meetings. 1 NCFF representative per region:  Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; Asia

Plenary discussion

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Conclusions and the way forward

Ms. Laura Lorenzo, Director, WRF

Mr. Guilherme Brady, Head of Unit, FAO - Family Farming Engagement and Parliamentary Networks, FAO-IFAD Joint Secretariat of the UNDFF